New review of The Wannoshay Cycle

It’s always rewarding when readers really get the point of what a writer has written. I got that nice little buzz this morning when I read fellow author Jim C. Hines‘ review of The Wannoshay Cycle. Here’s a snippet:

Jasper’s characters feel right. Their choices, their reactions, everything they do feels true to life. One of the best examples of this is the way some of the characters react the first time they meet one of the Wannoshay. There’s a moment of instinctive fear and panic. The Wannoshay are something outside of our experience. Millions of years of evolution have done nothing to prepare us for the truly alien, and that moment of first contact is overwhelming. Jasper captures that moment several times, and while it might be less glamorous than the heroic explorer who meets a new race without a glimmer of fear, Jasper’s version is far more believable.

Read the rest of the review.

Thanks, Jim! Everyone should run out now and get his wonderful and fun goblin novels: Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero, with Goblin War coming in March. I’m also really looking forward to his Princesses novels, in which Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and the other ladies kick some serious but…

Also, I found out from a co-worker who ordered the book through Amazon that she won’t get her book shipped until MARCH! What’s up with that? Is that because it’s from a smaller press that sells mostly to libraries, or did Amazon simply not stock it? Part of me wants to think that all the copies Amazon had on had have all sold out… Heh. Guess I’ll check with my Five Star editor to get the scoop. Later!

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