Wannoshay Day hangover…

Oooh. All the Blur capsules have been punctured and the Scotch bottles are empty. That must mean that Wannoshay Day is over. I don’t think there are any passed-out aliens in the back yard, but I’m afraid to look…

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to say congrats and join the party. And huge thanks to the peeps who mentioned Wannoshay Day in their journals, including:

Whew. I’ll be contacting the winners shortly (in this case, it’s any of youse guys who don’t already have a copy of the book!). Please please let me know if I’ve missed anyone!

Also, a new review of the book popped up, from voracious reader and reviewer SciFiChick. She said many fine things about the book, and she was even kind enough to post her review at the Amazon page for the book, giving me my first Amazon review! Here’s a snippet of her review:

This was an interesting look at how Americans might react to a completely different race trying to integrate into our society. Acceptance without knowledge of their nature would be close to impossible. And Michael Jasper has created a fascinating culture of aliens in the completely unique Wannoshay. This was a nice change of pace from my usual taste of space action scifi.

I also learned that an SF Site review of The Wannoshay Cycle is forthcoming, by none other than Sherwood Smith! Looking forward to that one, either on Feb. 1 or Feb. 15.

So all in all, a nice ending to a wild and wooly Wannoshay Day. I think I have closure now, all these years later!

Deep breath. Okay. Now, on to my other novels… Later!

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