More novel babbling…

What the heck, why not make it three posts in one day?

We’re in the process of moving all our projects around at work, finishing off a bunch of modules for one release and figuring out what’s left to nail down in our existing modules before we dive into some new projects, and that’s how I feel about my own novel projects.

Luckily, Mitch has been sleeping much better at night (knock on wood), so Elizabeth and I are both feeling a whole lot more rested, and I’m itching to get back on track with my morning writing plans. We’ll see if our feisty little 10-week-old cooperates with that plan! (Fortunately, Drew normally doesn’t get up until 7 a.m. or so, which gives me a good two hours in the morning to write.)

With the Doorways novel, I’m more or less done with the heavy lifting on the manuscript as well as the not-fun process of asking people to read the ARCS for possible blurbs. I also saw that Publishers Lunch ran a short note about both books being sold to Prime, so that was a nice little ego-boost, making it all feel more real. Now, to get my hot little hands on those ARCs soon!

And finally, tonight I’m off to my live Writing Group again, for the first time since Mitch’s arrival. We’ll be discussing a short story by one of the other writers as well as the opening chapters to Maps and Legends. I know I probably shouldn’t be critting this thing until I have a first draft, but knowing that I have people reading it really motivated me to get these opening chapters done. Call me crazy.

I’m getting ready to dive into the drafting head-first now that I’m getting better rest. As soon as I finish this entry I’m heading out of here (I’m still at work) and grabbing a latte so I can re-focus my brain on this book and what I’m trying to accomplish.

Wish me luck, and hope for some momentum on this project. Once I get rolling, I know it’ll be a lot of fun. I already had something surprising happen in chapter three that wasn’t in my outline… Always a good sign. Later!

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