Welcome to my website! I’m a writer living in the mountains of North Carolina who writes in all sorts of fiction genres. Take a look around, and thanks for stopping by.

Recent Releases

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Lost & Finders (cover art by Inkubus Designs)
Coming June 14th: Lost & Finders, the second book in the Finder Team series.

Hunter's Moon (cover images by Maxym022 & Maxfx | Dreamstime)
Hunter’s Moon, the second book in the Family Pack “rural fantasy” series.

Finders, Inc.
Finders, Inc. is the first in a new “slightly paranormal” mystery series.

My Books

Finders, Inc.
A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (cover by M. Selena Jackson) A Wild Epidemic of Magic (cover by M. Selena Jackson) A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover image by Fotolotti | dreamstime)
ContagiousMagic_150x240_2 In Maps & Legends (cover image by Niki Smith) Unassisted Living
AGoD_150x240 The All Nations Team (cover art by TomWang112 at Dreamstime) WannoshayCycle_150x240
Heart's Revenge (cover art by Nyul, Yannp of Dreamstime) The Prodigal Sons (cover image by Lauren Rinder) Gunning for the Buddha (cover by Jamie Bishop)